Level: Very hard
Limit of participants

Our Kickboxing program is based on the Chinese Kung Fu method known as San Shou (aka Sanda). San Shou was originally developed by the Chinese military and is the preferred Chinese method of Mixed Martial Arts. San Shou utilizes strikes, kicks, throws, sweeps and take-downs from various styles of Kung Fu. What distinguishes San Shou from American MMA is that once an opponent is down the athletes do not continue to grapple. Submission techniques such as choking and joint locks are not allowed. However, our extended San Shou program does include American MMA training for those that are interested.

At Tulsa Kung Fu we work to learn how to fight for competition as well as knowing how to use these skills for true self-defense.

We know not everyone is ready to jump in and start fighting, so we work with each student at their level so they are able to learn at their own pace. Our students are engaged so they take things one step at a time. Our black shirts make sure that the students get the level of training they are both wanting and one that they are ready for.