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Tulsa Kung Fu

Get in shape, increase your confidence, lose weight, learn self-defense & have fun....

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Tulsa Kung Fu offers three Teen/Adult Programs:

Kung Fu is a method of self-defense that was developed in China around 525 A.D. Eventually Kung Fu spread to neighboring Okinawa, Japan and Korea where it greatly influenced and enhanced their systems of martial arts, known today as Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Because of this, Kung Fu is considered to be the Grandfather of Martial Arts.

Tai Chi Chuan (Taiji) is a soft style of Kung Fu and literally translates to "Supreme Ultimate Fist ". Originally developed as a method of self-defense in the 14th century, Tai Chi is most often practiced today for its health benefits. Significant health benefits can be obtained with only 15-30 minutes of practice twice per week. However, Tulsa Kung Fu does divulge the martial aspects of Tai Chi to those who desire it.

San Shou (aka San Da) is Chinese Mixed Martial Arts and a Combat Sport. San Shou literally translates to " free hand " and is not a traditional system or style as its techniques are taken from the many diverse methods of Traditional Kung Fu. Hidden within the elegance and movements of Kung fu, in addition to its obvious strikes & kicks, are many sweeps, throws, take-downs and grappling techniques. 


Click HERE to receive a FREE introductory lesson!