kung fu

Warm-up Period

  • Our Tulsa Kung Fu classes always begin with a minimum 10 minute warm-up period to stretch/activate the major muscle groups of the body. Flexibility, strengthening, and conditioning are important aspects of martial arts training.


  • Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Kickboxing techniques are dependent upon their stances. Punches, kicks, blocks, etc, need a stable foundation to be effective. Stance training builds endurance and strengthens the legs for a firm foundation.

Basic Exercises & Drills

  • After the warm-up period & stances are completed the student is ready to practice some basic Kung Fu strikes, blocks, & kicks. These exercise combinations are designed to create muscle memory & coordination for basic self defense.

Classical Kung Fu Routines

  • Tulsa Kung Fu uses classical exercise routines, some hundreds of years old, to further develop the student's body & expand his/her knowledge of self defense applications both empty hand and with weapons such as the sword, spear & staff.

Self Defense & Physical Fitness

  • The classical empty hand & weapon routines are studied to reveal their, sometimes camouflaged, self defense applications, all the while providing a level of exercise second to none for physical fitness & health maintenance. 


  • Two person exercises (choreographed sparring sets) develop combat agility, timing, and accurate maneuvering. Free Sparring (above photo) enhances combat awareness and the ability to respond to non-choreographed attacks. 


Self defense

Be prepared to defend yourself when you least expect it... your life could depend on it.

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