Kung Fu is Power Concealed In Elegance

Teen And Adult Classes

 Class Schedule: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu @ 7:00 pm 

Our Tulsa Kung Fu Adult classes are about Survival. As you learn the classical routines you are taught & practice their self defense applications. Kung Fu is about preparing for that one time in your life, whether its tomorrow, next week or next year, that you may need to protect yourself, your family, or your country. Kung Fu is , also, about Physical Fitness & Health Maintenance so that you can have the quality of life that you deserve.

6 Classes + Kung Fu T-shirt $49

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Self defense

Be prepared to defend yourself when you least expect it... your life could depend on it.

Teen & Adult Kung Fu Schedule

Monday - 7:00 pm, Tuesday - 7:00 pm, Wednesday - 7:00 pm, Thursday - 7:00 pm, Friday - 6:00 - 8:00 pm

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