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Warm-up Period

Our Tulsa Kung Fu classes always begin with a minimum 10 minute warm-up period to stretch/activate the major muscle groups of the body. Flexibility, strengthening, and conditioning are important aspects of martial arts training.


Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Kickboxing techniques are dependent upon their stances. Punches, kicks, blocks, etc, need a stable foundation to be effective. Stance training builds endurance and strengthens the legs for a firm foundation.

Basic Exercises & Drills

After the warm-up period & stances are completed the student is ready to practice some basic Kung Fu strikes, blocks, & kicks. These exercise combinations are designed to create muscle memory & coordination for basic self defense.

Classical Kung Fu Routines

Tulsa Kung Fu uses classical exercise routines, some hundreds of years old, to further develop the student's body & expand his/her knowledge of self defense applications both empty hand and with weapons such as the sword, spear & staff.

Self Defense & Physical Fitness

The classical empty hand & weapon routines are studied to reveal their, sometimes camouflaged, self defense applications, all the while providing a level of exercise second to none for physical fitness & health maintenance. 


Two person exercises (choreographed sparring sets) develop combat agility, timing, and accurate maneuvering. Free Sparring (above photo) enhances combat awareness and the ability to respond to non-choreographed attacks. 


Self defense

Be prepared to defend yourself when you least expect it... your life could depend on it.

Teen & Adults Kung Fu Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 7:00 pm

Private Lessons - By Appointment

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